Sunday, December 19, 2010

When mama on vacation..

hmmm..for about two weeks mama goes on in the house alone with my papa for two weeks is too long..need to take care all the job in the house...need to do some laundry, cleaning and cooking..but sometimes it is nice when we do what mama do before this..just let mama rest on her vacation meanwhile i learn how to manage all the work at home..hahaha..its sound funny when i do all the work..wake up at 8a.m do some laundry before go to the work till 5p.m, then cooking before 8p.m...hahaha...sounds like i am housewife...hahaha..but it is a great moment to remember..
it's really exhausted when i needed to do that for this two weeks..sometimes i think my
mama is really superwoman
...she can do all the stuff for a lifetime..she keep doing that for her children..even she feels tired she didn't tell it to her children...i'm as her son sometimes feels what she feels...working hard every single second...doing the best for her family..thanks mama..i hope u enjoy your rest...i love u mama..=)

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